Your Service Level Experience is taken very seriously at Allure Autos.  Our Buyers are spread out all over the country and reviewing cars every day to find those perfect opportunity cars to place in our inventory.  However, we realize after we meet with you and truly talk about what will fit best for your lifestyle that perhaps we do not have that car ready and available today in our inventory.  But, that’s OK!  Together, we are going to find that perfect car for your lifestyle and we will find it quick!

Commitment – If we do not have it, we will get it! – If we do not have the perfect car for your current needs then we will have our buyers scan the country and be on the hunt to find it!  Our buyers are spread throughout the country and reviewing cars every day of the week.  It is just a matter of time that we find the perfect car that fits your lifestyle.

No Fee Special Order Service – Absolutely not!  After all, this is what we do…why we are in business.  Depending on a variety of factors such as the Rarity of the Car, Price of the Car, etc, we may ask for an amount equal to what your Down Payment would be as a show of your Commitment to working with us while we diligently find your perfect car.  However, once we have found it and you love it that entire amount is applied to the final purchase of the car.  No additional Fee is tacked on for this service.  Your Down Payment is then 100% applied to your account.

Typically a Very Quick Process – again, because we have buyers throughout the country reviewing cars every single day it does not typically take long to find the right car for your lifestyle.  If we are looking for a Rolls Royce with a very specific Interior Leather color…then yes, it might take us a bit to find it.  However, for our typical customer that is looking for a Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, or any other typical Make of Car then this is usually a very quick process.  It could be found the very same week!  So don’t wait, get with us soon so that we can get a head start on finding the perfect car for you!

Simply complete the form below and tell us about what type of car you are wanting to buy and one of our Allure Autos Associates will start the process of finding it for you!  It truly is that simple!  If we don’t have it, we’ll get it!  Our commitment to you!


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